Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Papa John's Pizza - wonderful chaos

Who would have thought a pizza shoot would be a recipe for wonderful chaos? Flour explosions, dancing in the kitchen, and of course, the sweet aroma of freshly made pizza in the air... I didn't hear anyone complaining.

I was asked to create authentic and natural black and white imagery for Papa John's current campaign. I knew that to get the photos I wanted I had to inspire fun in my chefs... that's what cooking is all about. That meant turning the music up, dancing on the kitchen counter, making a mess, and generally inspiring a bit of chaos. It's amazing how much fun everyone can have when you take the lead.

Thank you to the team at Pablo for the fun commission - I think we created some fantastic images together. The colour food shots for the campaign were shot by Tony Briscoe, thanks for your tasty work sir I think our photos look great together. Look out for them all over the sides of buses, popping up in the tube and online all over the place.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Liv Ullmann for SvD Perfect Guide

I was spoilt with tales of Hollywood when I photographed Liv Ullmann - a true legend of cinema. From the time she introduced Woody Allen to Ingmar Bergman to the importance of art, she is full of fascinating insights. We met at The Ritz which seemed like an appropriate place for such a decorated actress and director.

You never know what to expect when photographing celebrities, fame can go to the head. This was certainly not the case with Liv whose personality and humour shone through from the moment I met her. A gracious presence she was totally up for a laugh. What a wonderful person to photograph for my first cover for SvD Perfect Guide.

Have a read here (in Swedish) LINK

Monday, 2 October 2017

AXA's Global Recruitment Campaign

I was recently asked to shoot a global recruitment campaign for AXA. Over the course of three days on location in Paris I created images of their employees, from mothers with new children making the most of AXA's parental leave to employees who've change the ethical face of the whole company. It was a pleasure working with Thirty Three again, and lovely to collaborate with Lorna Addicott to tell these people's stories.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Sugru - the war on stuff

This is Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh. She is the masterful inventor of a mouldable glue that goes by the name Sugru. It's not the first time I've photographed Jane - last time we met I stuck her to the ceiling... don't believe me? See for yourself LINK. So when Sugru came to me for more photographs I had to keep up with the tradition of going all out.

Sugru wants everyone to fix, create and re-use things. They don't like this throw away culture we live in, they want to combat that. We are drowning in so much stuff, there are piles of it everywhere and we don't need it all. So I decided to show that in my images, and Jane was totally game.

They have just launched a family-safe glue to encourage the next generation to be creative and resourceful. Go get yourself some Sugru here: LINK

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mental health project - I need more males



Have you suffered with mental health difficulties? If so please volunteer to take part in my mental health project. Or if you know a guy who has suffered with mental health difficulties then can you please let them know about this project.
Mental health is something that I care deeply about. In July I posted on social media asking for volunteers who suffer or have suffered with mental health difficulties. I had a great response, but almost all of those who contacted me were women. So I need more guys.
What will happen to you if you volunteer? Well, I am creating striking photographs that show everyone and anyone can be affected, and just like an other illness, it shouldn't be taboo to talk about it. I am going to interview you to find out about your mental health struggles and then use your responses to create words and phrases that we will write on your face. I will then photograph you with these words on you. These pictures we make together will be hopefully hung in an exhibition and promoted widely online to help get people talking about Mental Health.
Want to take part? Then please get in touch:
t: 07871 175 627

Friday, 15 September 2017

Max & Tom Evans for The Sunday Times Magazine

I photographed Scottish rugby brothers Max and Thom Evans for The Sunday Times Magazine.

The sibling duo were bags of fun - they definitely didn't mind jumping around, pouring freezing water over each other and chucking rugby balls all over the place.

Thanks for being such great sports. LINK

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Football kids of Kolkata - Taylor Wessing Prize 2017

I am delighted to announce that my portrait "Football kids of Kolkata" will be on display at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the Taylor Wessing Prize 2017. The photograph shows a group of boys who are part of Kolkata Goalz, a program that uses football for social change. The community spirit in India is like nothing I have experienced elsewhere. I was warmly welcomed into this neighbourhood late at night in the dark and humid city. Everyone came together to help me create this photograph. I was determined to capture not only the proud boys and the passion they have for football, but also the community they are so much a part of.

Last year my photograph of Nigel Farage hung in the gallery and I could not be more thrilled to be part of the exhibition for a second year running. The prize never disappoints and I look forward to seeing the other selected entries.

You can find out more about the project this portrait was part of and the exhibition it resulted in here: LINK

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Adam Kay for The Sunday Times Magazine

“If this was reality there should be wine in the drip Charlie”

And so it was I found myself replacing saline solution with white wine in a medical drip. I was with Adam Kay photographing him for The Sunday Times Magazine - he used to be a doctor, but then left the profession to become a very funny man and a brilliant writer. He’s recently brought his two careers together in a book documenting his time as a junior doctor in the NHS. Darkly humorous and often shocking it documents the emotional rollercoaster he took after saying the hippocratic oath.

It was such a pleasure photographing Adam, he was wonderfully up for trying out different ideas and got totally into drinking at midday with me. Massive thanks also to Pascale Reacher who turned up with fake blood and a scary ability to make someone look really tired. And of course to Russ for the fun commission.

Check out the Sunday Times Magazine to read an excerpt from Adam’s book: LINK

Make sure to grab yourself a copy of the book.


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Britain - Diana Athill

If you spot my photo of Diana Athill on a billboard screen then do grab a picture and share it with me. It's been accepted to be part of the British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Britain exhibition as one of 100 portraits that reflect the face of the UK. It will be shown all over Britain throughout September on hundreds of billboards.

I loved meeting this wonderful 99 year old who is best known for her work as a literary editor, novelist and memoirist on my shoot for the Sunday Times Magazine. You can get limited edition prints and postcards and see all the other portraits in the exhibition over here: LINK

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

AOP Awards 2017

I'm thrilled to have three of my photographs included in this years Association of Photographers Awards in the advertising, editorial, and non-commissioned categories.

The freckly stranger above was created on a Shoreditch street corner as part of a campaign for Wiley Fox with Hogarth & Ogilvey. We turned many still portraits into a fun and fast video capturing the energy of this young brand. Take a look at the results here: LINK

My photograph of Ed Balls is in the editorial category. I had seventeen minutes to photograph him for  The Sunday Times Magazine and we really made the most of it. See more from the shoot here: LINK

And finally in the non-commissioned category is Marie looking amazing in her sunglasses. On this shoot I collaborated with homeless shelter The Passage to make portraits of their clients as part of a worldwide day using photography to give back to the community. Find out more here: LINK

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Markets of Bali

I stumbled upon a food market in Bali when I went travelling around Indonesia recently. My senses immediately began to tingle and my eyes were twitching from side to side taking in every little detail. Without realising it my camera was out and I was meandering around the market. I really wanted to try and capture what it felt like to be there that day - the character of the people, the vivid colours and the energy of the environment.