Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Jazzy De Lisser for The Hill


I was asked by The Hill to photograph Jazzy De Lisser. Jazzy may only be in her late teens but is diving into the world of moving images both in directing and acting, and now rumours have it, she will be appearing in The Game of Thrones.

The sun was shinning for the first time in a long time when I met Jazzy in January, so we kept it simple and just roamed around the large building using the lighting and spaces that we found. After a short while Jazzy opened up to the camera and not long after that she was jumping on her bed and laughing broadly.


Thanks so much to The Hill for the fun commission.

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Help for Heroes Catalogue: creating summer in the middle of december in London


Hitting doorsteps is the Help for Heroes Spring/Summer 2014 clothing catalogue. Shot during the dark and dingy days of a London December I was tasked with making warm and summery images to feature in its pages.

Following on from our previous shoot photographing their first ever catalogue last summer Help for Heroes had come back asking for the same but better. A task I really relished. Although shoots like this can be a bit manic we organised as much as possible beforehand so that we could make the most of the short daylight hours that we had. We even put up a big light into the sky so that we could make the "sun" shine where ever we wanted it to.

Thanks so much to the amazing team for making it all come together:

Assistant: Ian Kirby
Hair and Make Up – Nina Sagri
Art Director/Designer: Gary Bigwood
Model agency/Model: BMA/Alana Wallace
Model agency/Model: Mustard/James Lawson

Lighting hire: Direct Photographic

Here are some behind the scenes images that producer Liam took...

Nothing quite like a cake break on a shoot


Monday, 10 March 2014

Cardiac Rehab


I photographed a cardiac rehabilitation session for the British Heart Foundation's magazine Heart Matters. People who have suffered severe heart problems and are recovering come along for gentle controlled exercise that helps strengthen their heart and return it to a healthy state more quickly.  

Untitled Session0487
Untitled Session0580