Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Portrait workshop at the V&A Museum - 27th + 28th April

Want to learn the ins and outs of portrait photography? I'm running a workshop at the V&A Museum on the 27th and 28th April. 

I will be teaching you how to tell a compelling story about your sitter, be this using lighting and composition, props, and/or emotion. 

It will be a fun and insightful two days. Interested in taking part? LINK


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Making a career in the photography industry

Paul from Arts University Bournemouth invited me to The Photographers’ Gallery to take part in a seminar called “Young Gifted and Making it.” I was giving a talk alongside Mitch Payne and Mollie Rose, each of us telling our stories of making our way in this industry. As Paul put it:

“In recent times we have heard a lot of negative comments about the future of photography as a career, and how difficult it is now to make it. However, there are young photographers out there full of positivity and talent that are making waves. They prove that changes in the industry can be viewed as a threat, or better thought as an opportunity. The three photographers gathered here will provide a wonderful insight to anyone else that chooses to follow them.”

If you fancy listening to my top tips then hit up the video above. 

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Cycling NZ's South Island - an epic adventure

Over Christmas my friend and I decided to go an adventure up the coast of New Zealand's South Island. Carrying everything we needed on our bikes we set off from Milford Sound and arrived in Westport 14 days later.

We cycled 944km, climbed 8826m, saw hundreds of waterfalls, countless incredible views, passed fifteen lakes, went over a few mountains, got through a massive tub of sun cream, had zero punctures, an unfortunate dose of the flu, and saw three kiwi birds... the end result? Two extremely happy, satisfied and grinning gents.

Thanks Oscar for the amazing times.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition 2018

This year the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition will be held at London Bridge City on the south bank of the River Thames next to City Hall from 30th March - 29th April. The exhibition is free to view and I'm so happy to have one of my images on show amongst what will be the best of travel photography taken over the last year.

Tensions were high at the Riverside Stadium. If Middlesbrough won they would be promoted to the Premier League - I think you can work out what happened...

For more information on the exhibition: LINK

Monday, 26 February 2018

Riaz Phillips for the Observer Food Magazine


I think I surprised the market stall owner when I asked him for four giant boxes of chillies. But I needed them to bury Riaz Phillips in...

After realising that no one had documented the characters and tastes of Caribbean food in the UK Riaz set out to do it himself. In the end he travelled all over the country, writing and photographing a beautiful book and then setting up his own publishing company to sell it.

Thankfully he was totally up for jumping into a box full of chillies. You rock Riaz.

To find out more about Riaz and the other people featured in this years Observer Food Monthly 50 head over here: LINK


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A night at the BAFTAs

I was lucky enough to have backstage access to the top party in film: the British Academy Film Awards 2018 - what a spectacular evening.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

BAFTA Breakthrough Brits - The Final Cut

Back in October I photographed the BAFTA Breakthrough Brits for a second year running. It was great fun - full of energy, laughter and some seriously talented people. And this year I thought I would try two different set ups. It not only meant I could offer BAFTA a completely different set of images that they could use, but I also got to try out something new. Everyone's a winner.