Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Barry Dickens for British Airways

Barry Dickens 5-6-20147834-Edit

It is a little known fact that I have played guitar on stage in the Royal Albert Hall. Ok the hall was empty and I did it whilst I was waiting for my subject to arrive at a photoshoot. But none the less - I've played the Albert Hall!

You see I had taken my guitar along as a prop for a shoot. The person I was photographing was Barry Dickens. He organises concert venues for musicians and has worked with a truly amazing list of talent: Bob Dylan, The Who, Adele, Neil Young, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, Mumford and Sons, Black Sabbath, Paul Simon, Yes, Gun n' Roses...I could go on all day (see here).  This man has met Jimi Hendrix afterall.

I decided I better keep calm and not get carried away asking him annoying questions so instead we took some photos together whilst I tried to play it cool. Barry is a gentle and calm man who was a pleasure to photograph and always looked great in front of the camera. We moved our way around the fantastic venue trying to capture the backstage nature of Barry's job whilst still showing the astounding auditorium it all it's glory.


Massive thanks to British Airways Business Life for commissioning me for such a wonderful photoshoot.

Me onstage at the Albert Hall

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Tim Andrews - Over the Hill


A while back when my image of Clare Foges was published in The Sunday Times Magazine it came with an unexpected bonus. Tim Andrews got in touch.

Tim is a fine and fascinating individual. When he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease he realised that he wanted his disease to be recorded. After being photographed by a couple of photographers and enjoying the process he decided to make a project: get photographed by many photographers over the extent of his illness. And so was born Over the Hill. Tim has now been photographed by over 300 photographers over the course of more than six years - an amazing record of creativity, time and the battle with Parkinson's.

So when Tim wrote to me I was very keen to take part. I had heard of his project and thought it would be great to join in. The only problem being what to do - hasn't it all been done already? My solution after much thought and crazy ideas was to keep it personal and simple and see what happens. When I talked to Tim and discovered that he liked the sea nearly as much as me I new what to do. We started on the beach in his home town of Brighton and very quickly ended up in the water. From there on it was great just spending the day together and talking music, psychology, the brain, photography, food, film, friendship and anything else that popped into our heads...all accompanied by my camera.

See Tim's blog on the project here with loads of amazing and unique photographs of Tim:


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Sorry about my absence

So I've been a useless blogger recently. Basically I have been doing all sorts of cool stuff but haven't had a moment to get any of it on here. This includes cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles and photographing Californians on the way, flying around half the world for a healthcare client on a two week long job, plus some great little editorial shoots in between.

More coming soon...

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Crowd-funded Businesses for British Airways Business Life

Chineasy 11-4-2014- Edit1

The lovely people at Cedar have given me some fantastic assignments. This one was no exception: three fascinating businesses that were all set up using crowd-funding.

Shaolan was first - a lady who has created beautifully designed Chinese symbol-pictures to help people learn the Chinese language. She raised money online to help launch her business Chineasy.

Then there was Andrew, who set up the Bicycle Academy and raised money to make an amazing workshop where people can learn to weld their own bicycles and enjoy the art of creating a truly personal ride.

And also Emilie who fitted out her amazing van to turn it into tea heaven for her company Good and Proper Tea just using money supplied by friendly people online.

Bicycle Academy 15-4-20147341-Edit

Massive thanks to Carl at Cedar for the great fun commission and to all those who helped create the photographs.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Brits Abroad on Display in Sheffield

Francesca Sadlier - A Brit Abroad

Pictures from my Brits Abroad project are on display as part of the Migration Stories exhibition that is being hosted by Sheffield University.

28th-30th May
Sheffield Winter Garden

Lisa Sadleir - A Brit Abroad

The exhibition tells the story of two migrations: the first is about people who come from other countries to live in Sheffield and the second is about British people who go to live overseas. By bringing these two stories together, the purpose of our exhibition is to highlight the complexity of migration as a two-way street, including both the diverse groups of people who arrive and those who leave.
The exhibition is one of a series of events aiming to inform local debate around migration during 2014 and 2015. The events have been organised in partnership by Sheffield BME Network, City of Sanctuary Sheffield, the Cohesion Advisory Group, Northern Refugee Centre, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

The exhibition also celebrates 65 years of Social Studies at the University of Sheffield.

Ken Schooler - A Brit Abroad
David Marshall - A Brit Abroad
Jyoti Tyler - A Brit Abroad

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Juliette and Her Family for Healthy


I am very privileged that I often get to join other people's lives and discover their achievements and struggles in an very intimate way. The lovely people at Healthy asked me to photograph Juliette and her family in her home in Birmingham. After each of Juliette's children were born she suffered from postnatal depression and was keen to share her story to help others who might go through the same challenges. When I met Juliette I discovered a strong and determined woman with a great inner strength that I was determined to show this in my photographs. I also discovered first hand just how difficult it can be to control three excited children, particularly when there is lighting equipment scattered around the floor for them to climb over and under.* So I thought why not show this part of family life as well...

*no children were harmed during the making of these photographs. 


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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Eggs of New York


Near the end of March I got an email asking me to be in New York three days later. Excitement ensued but was soon overtaken by the need to organise the trip at such late notice. A bit of re-prioritising combined with a couple late nights and I was soon boarding my flight heading to JFK airport.

I was there to photograph The Big Egg Hunt, a massive charity event where giant eggs were painted by top artists and designers and then put in fantastic locations all around the city. I had worked on the Big Egg Hunt when it was in London two years ago and then when it toured the UK last year, so it was great to get to travel to America for this year's hunt.

Having never been to NYC before this was the best introduction I could have asked for: the job took me 65 stories up in the Rockefeller, got me backstage access on The Today Show, put me in countless yellow taxis, gave me the chance to eat donuts with the local, drink coffee with the expats and generally go all over this wonderful city.

My aim was to produce an image library that encouraged people to go out and find the eggs that were distributed all around the city. These images would be used on social media, in the press and in the auction catalogue to help promote the event and to push auction prices higher. It was pretty amazing to see my images published all over the place including in The New York Times, The Telegraph Online, InStyle online and countless other media outlets I haven't managed to find.


Whilst working I had the honour of meeting the amazing Mark Shand. He tragically died a few weeks later and will be sorely missed by his friends at the Elephant Family. Here he is with his elephant tattoo...


Thanks so much to everyone at the Big Egg Hunt, the Elephant Family and Saatchi NY for making me feel so welcome in New York.

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