Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Wilfried Zaha for the Premier League Kicks


“I guess that will have to do” was the only thought that came to me when I was given exactly 30 seconds to photograph Wilfried Zaha for the Premier League recently.

The Premier League runs an initiative called “Premier Kicks” which aims to inspire and help children from less advantaged backgrounds get into sport. I was invited to photograph a recent session of Premier Kicks in Crystal Palace. Wilfried Zaha was the guest star of the evening and he certainly did provide the kids with inspiration. They were so excited I felt a bit sorry for the man trying not to get mobbed by the loving crowd. He did a quick presentation of his football skills and took his time letting all the kids take selfies with him. The fact that he himself was a Premier Kicks kid before his successful career as a midfielder for Crystal Palace really sparked the kids’ imagination.

At the end of it all, I had 30 seconds to take a few portraits of Wilfried to promote the Premiere Kicks initiative. He was then swiftly whisked off by his management leaving the kids with dreams of fantastic football careers and cars like his Lamborghini.

I also met George Henry who is a coach for Premier Kicks - another ex-kid from the Crystal Palace Kicks program proving that with a little bit of passion and a helping hand in inspiration, we can all do great things. After the madness of the event I jumped in the car with George and grabbed a few photos of him in the neighbourhood that he grew up in. He still lives there and tries to give as much back as he can through the work he does inspiring kids with sport.

Thank you Premier League for making me a part of your great initiative.

If you would like to know more about Premier League Kicks, here is a link: http://www.premierleague.com/content/premierleague/en-gb/communities/2014-15/about-premier-league-kicks/


Thursday, 23 July 2015

I am off again.

 Warwick on the big ass truck

Last summer I packed a tent, a shiny new bike and my camera and headed to California for a cycling adventure.

The bike is a bit less shiny today, the tent a bit worn but the camera is the same and I am off again. Oregon and California - here I come.

Expect plenty of photos upon my return. And in the meantime catch up with me on instagram where I shall be posting the weird and the wonderful from the trip.

Oregon dunes
 Our days look like this...
Day 2 finish - beers on the beach at Sunset in Oregon

Monday, 13 July 2015

Where other artists work - Abigail Edgar for Countryfile


Do you wonder how others do their jobs? I do. All the time. And I don’t mean accountants and HR officers. I have little interest in the secret lives of estate agents too. What interests me is how other creatives work. Show me a photographer’s studio and I am instantly hooked. Take me to an artist's house and there will be no end to my questions.

On a recent commission for the Countryfile Magazine I was asked to photograph Abigail Edgar. Abigail is a painter and illustrator working with watercolours, pastels and charcoal. She is passionate about art and loves to pass this passion on to others. She teaches in a number of places and was keen to encourage others to sketch in her Countryfile article.

I found it fascinating how Abigail’s space seem to reflect her personality. Tranquil and atmospheric, her studio was full of light. The big window overlooking picturesque English countryside provides plenty of inspiration, no doubt. Her desk is right next to it and I loved spotting the little details around the room: the pictures of her children stuck here and there, and unfinished sketch of a tree. You could feel the creative juices flowing through the room and being translated into the beautiful art Abigail creates. My only hope is that my work space shows something as interesting about me as Abigail’s does about her!

Thank you Countryfile Magazine for the pleasure of photographing Abigail! The magazine is out now and so go and get it to enjoy some drawing tips from Abigail with my photographs.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

And now for something a little different - Help for Heroes Summer Campaign

Help For Heros 26-3-2015_0877 1 copy

Twice a year I pack my car and head out to some great British locations to shoot the Help for Heroes catalogue. The great British locations make excellent backdrops for the great cause of the charity but they are a tad less great when it comes to weather conditions. When another gloomy winter day loomed ahead of us for the summer collection photoshoot we had a different idea. How about a day in the studio with some lively colours? Bright summer yellows, juicy greens and vibrant reds add an instant summer feel to the catalogue. The coloured backdrops complement the collection and the excellent summery props added an extra touch of fun. A bit different than usual for the team and easily as effective for the email campaign - one of the charity’s biggest source of donations.

Ice lolly anyone?

Help For Heros 26-3-2015_1154 1
Help For Heros 26-3-2015_1075 1
Help for Heros 16-3-15_0359
Help For Heros 26-3-2015_1239
Help For Heros 26-3-2015_1106 1

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Calling all Brits in Europe - let me photograph you!

David Needed

Are you a Brit living in another European country? 
Do you know a Brit living in another European country?

A couple of summers ago I packed my camera in search for Britons in Spain for “Brits Abroad” - one of my personal projects* (see some images from it below). The idea has always been to expand the project and what better time than when the British membership of the European Union is so hotly debated.

So, if you have an uncle, cousin, friend or enemy living abroad and enjoying (or not!) their freedom to move within the EU - please let me know. I would like to photograph them for the next instalment of my “Brits Abroad”

All ages, professions, occupations and political convictions welcome. The more, the merrier.

Drop me an email if you would like to take part or know someone who might.

the project has since seen a fair amount of exposure - featured on the BBC News website and a number of photography blogs I will also be showing it in one of the London’s art galleries later this year. You can see all of the images on my website: http://www.charliecliftphotography.com/projects/brits-abroad

Francesca Sadlier - A Brit Abroad
Lisa Sadleir - A Brit Abroad
Stacey Lloyd - A Brit Abroad
Sean Mitchell - A Brit Abroad
Simon Williams - from the new project @ brits-abroad.com

Monday, 22 June 2015

Passionate People Talking - Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell PPT

If you have seen a child's face light up when you ask them about their favourite toy or game you have seen a passionate person talking. It is the same face you seen when campaigners are asked about the issues they care about and the same face an artist strikes when talking about their new inspiration. Passions spark emotions and emotions spark conversations. I am a fan of great conversation and this has inspired to photograph a personal project all about Passionate People Talking.

On my recent shoot for Tatler I had the pleasure of meeting Theo Fennell - a world renowned jewellery designer. A few minutes into meeting Theo I knew I met a passionate person and although I was there to record a day at the workshop I tried my luck and ask Theo if he would be interested in being a sitter for me for the Passionate People Talking series. Theo agreed straight away and here you have it - a conversation on one of the oldest crafts, the precision it requires and the satisfaction it brings.

See the rest of the project here: LINK

Monday, 15 June 2015

Trust your team - Replagal Europe Campaign with Frontera London


How did a particular picture come about? The answer is rarely: easily.

Even with what looks like a simple, straight up portrait often takes a team of people working together. Without a good team you will not be able to produce good results. For my recent shoot for Frontera London collaborating with a great team was of utmost importance.

Frontera got in touch to arrange a photoshoot for one of their clients who produce a drug helping to manage an extremely rare disease called Fabry disease. Fabry disease is, from my limited understanding, a genetic condition in which certain lipids are not metabolised in a correct manner resulting in multiple problems from pain, to cardiac and renal complications. Life expectancy of a Fabry disease sufferer is pretty reduced. Thankfully in recent years a few treatments have helped to improve this. One such drug is Replagal and we were going to make a global campaign to promote it.

The concept that creative director Federico came up with was simple and powerful: photograph portraits of people ageing from their 20s to retirement. Can you see the complication yet? Models are skilled, but they cannot age on request and in order to produce the most realistic results my team was joined by an new member - a computer generated graphics expert named Marcelo Moya. His job was to take my images “through the ages” with his genius skills in photoshop. It was fascinating to see my images changed in this way and so much fun receiving the final files.

I also quickly realised at the start of the project how important clothes are for the perception of age. People dress very differently at 25 and 65. So in came stylist Alice Timms. She turned up to the shoot with piles of clothes to suit all ages. Her eye for clothing meant that our models retained their sense of style but updated it through the decades to indicate the lifestyle changes through life.

To complicate matters more we were all scattered around the world. The client based in Switzerland, the CGI expert in Chile and the rest of the team in London. Thank god for the internet! A clear vision from the start and excellent communication meant it all came together - everyone working towards a common goal. There is no way I would have been able to produce the end result without a great team. Thanks guys.

Replagal_NEMale_25 RF
Replagal_NEMale_35 RF
Replagal_NEMale_45 RF
Replagal_NEMale_55 RF
Replagal_NEMale_65 RF

Replagal_NEFemale_25 RF
Replagal_NEFemale_35 RF
Replagal_NEFemale_55 RF
Replagal_NEFemale_65 RF


Massive thanks to all of the team involved:
Client: Shire
Agency: Frontera
Art Director: Federico Garcia
Production: Thirdberg
Styling: Alice Timms
Retouching: Marcelo Moya
Photographic Assistant: Sheila Udeagu


Also here are a few behind the scenes images photographed by Liam at Thirdberg...